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  • Divorce Attorney Oregon

    Divorce Attorney OregonThe Divorce Attorneys at the Hobson Law Offices are concentrated on helping individuals and families steer through the intensely charged legal issues that revolve around divorce and custody arrangements. David Hobson Jr., a seasoned family law attorney, leads the way on such issues as child custody cases, enforcing parenting time orders, contempt proceedings, and obtaining restraining orders against abusive spouses. Call David Hobson, a Divorce Attorney in Oregon who is experienced in handling child custody cases, divorce and restraining orders.

  • Child Custody

    Child CustodySeeking Custody of Your Child?
    Talk To A Portland Child Custody Lawyer.
    Whether you are seeking child custody or parenting time / visitation rights, Hobson Law Office can provide the guidance and information that you need in order to make educated decisions about your case.

  • Divorce

    Divorce Lawyer Hobson and Associates, LLC. With your input and insight we will familiarize ourselves with the specifics of your case so as to create a plan of action to achieve your desired outcome. When necessary we will use our litigation experience to fight for your rights but we will make every effort to settle your case favorably and amiably.

  • David Hobson Jr. – Oregon Divorce Attorney

    Oregon Family Lawyer - David Hobson Jr. David Hobson Jr. has practiced family law since 1985.

    Give me a call at 503-649-6333 or I can also be reached by email at David@hobsonlawoffice.com to connect with our firm.

  • Lesley V. Herring – Oregon Divorce Attorney

    Oregon Family Lawyer - Lesley V. Herring Lesley V. Herring is a native of Louisiana who moved to Portland, Oregon in 2011.

    You can reach me at 503-649-6333. I can also be reached by email at Lesley@hobsonlawoffice.com.

Divorce Attorneys Oregon